The original theory of herd immunity was purely an empirical observation

“Herd immunity actually came from a 1933 study that happened in Baltimore, Maryland, and there was a physician there at the time, I believe his name was Dr. Hedrich, and he had said, through observation, he’d  been observing this for probably 10 or 15 years, maybe longer, that it appeared as though measles epidemics didn’t develop if more than 50% of the people within the community had actually had real measles. … And that the figures don’t apply to all urban areas, but he thought that, it appeared to him that, measles came cyclically, and if there was enough people that actually contracted measles, it appeared to protect the rest of the herd from getting them.

Now, this is in 1933. There was no understanding really of the immune system or antibodies or humoral immunity or Type 1 Type 2 immunity that we know now. It was just purely an empirical observation. And that observation then was rolled over into the vaccine industry that said, we have to maintain a certain level of vaccination because if a vaccination level falls below a certain level, then there seems to be outbreaks… and if we keep a vaccination level high, say 90 to 95%, then that protects the herd of the rest of them that either are not vaccinated or those that did get vaccinated but the vaccine failed to develop an antibody. Now, there’s a huge amount of false premises involved in all that.

First of all, when you have a natural infection, whether it’s measles, mumps, rubella, chickenpox, and even polio… when you have those types of viral infections, you engage both Th1 and Th2 of your immune system. Th1 is your natural immunity that keeps you protected from viruses and bacteria in your community. The other side of the immune system is Th2, which is where you develop antibodies.

And when you have a normal infection, there is an engagement of both sides of your immune system… of the white blood cells, macrophages, and the antibodies, and the cytokines, and all these things kind of go to war against the viruses that have gotten past your body’s normal defenses of skin, mucous membranes, gut, and lymphatics, and somehow ended up in your bloodstream, and now we’ve got to get it out of here—unlike vaccines that deposit it directly into your bloodstream and bypass all those normal barriers of protection.

So somehow we have decided that whole process of the normal way that we would develop a long-lasting lifetime immunity is the same thing as when we inject these known carcinogens and toxic chemicals and attenuated viruses into the system, that all it does in certain segments of the population is develop an antibody. And that’s why I say that an antibody in a vaccinated person is nothing more than a marker that the immune system has been invaded, it’s a marker of invasion that has nothing to do with protecting you from getting sick, it has nothing to do with your immune system.”

— Sherri Tenpenny, DO


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