If vaccines can’t provide reliable protection against disease, they can’t provide herd immunity

The term herd immunity, in relation to humans, was coined in 1933, and was simply an observation of one stage of the disease cycle—of the ebb, in the ebb and flow of disease. When disease incidence reached a certain level within a community, along with the natural immunity it provided, it would ebb, and the phenomenon was called herd immunity. It wasn’t a recipe for disease prevention, nor was it meant to be. Indeed, it inherently recognized the cyclical nature of disease; when after a few years the number of susceptible people had increased, the disease would again flow.

The rate needed to trigger natural herd immunity was calculated to be only 67%, not the 95% vaccination rate they tout today as necessary. It makes no sense.

Critical: immunity means you won’t develop an infection after subsequent exposure, but at this point it’s well known that a percentage of vaccinated kids—and adults—will still develop the full blown disease after exposure, so to categorically equate vaccination with immunization is simply incorrect. If vaccines can’t provide reliable protection against disease, they certainly can’t provide herd immunity.

Even more critical, and an important adjunct to the rate of infection after post-vaccination exposure: various studies show that the vaccinated not only can still develop the infection, but in many cases the illness will be either asymptomatic – as in the case of whooping cough, as told us several years ago by the FDA—or atypically symptomatic—as in the case of measles and chickenpox, where the rash and the pox, telltale symptoms, won’t display. Moreover, those with atypical cases often can still transmit the disease to others, so from multiple perspectives the ultimate goal of ostensible protection from disease—herd immunity via vaccination—is simply unattainable; futile.

Considering that the vaccine associated diseases are truly benign in anyone not malnourished or otherwise immunocompromised, herd immunity through vaccination becomes an almost morbid notion in the face of the insidious nature of acknowledged vaccine injuries, which thwart the proper function of both the immune and nervous systems.

— Shawn Siegel, The Vaccine Myth: An Issue of Trust


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