In herd immunity, the unvaccinated are beside the point

You’ve heard this 95% herd immunity argument…

Well, if 95% of the population isn’t vaccinated, then the unvaccinated people are going to get this disease magically out of freakin nowhere or they’re going to travel somewhere, or they’re going to dig it in the dirt or something, and then they’re going to give it to my vaccinated child! … because if 95% of the population isn’t vaccinated, then the vaccinated kids are at risk!

Well, that is just about the most irrational thing I’ve ever heard… but that’s not even what it means. It’s not a 95% immunization rate, it’s 95% of the people who are immunized will be effectively immune. That’s what that actually means… that herd immunity. So this whole argument is bull crap.

… It doesn’t mean 95% of the population. They’re not saying the vaccine works 100% of the time.

So if 95% of the people are vaccinated, and those 95% are 100% immune, then they’ll be safe from the evil dirty unvaccinated kids!

No, what they’re saying is that, of the people vaccinated, of that herd, 95% of them are immune. And so they will have that herd immunity. And the unvaccinated shouldn’t matter at that point, because it’s 95% effective… so it doesn’t matter.

— Heather Davis


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